Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I Loved About Last Week (56th Ed.)

I haven't posted about what I loved about last week since before Christmas and this post is going to be a quick one. We've had a hectic week with one dentist appointment, two orthodontist appointments, two monthly meetings that fell in the same week, and Mama working a 15 hour week (which is about twice what I normally work in a two week period). Add to that the return to lessons and all our usual weekly activities and First Daughter coming down with a bad cold on Friday.

I'm exhausted!

Still, here are a few high points from the week:

1. First Son started reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret for his independent reading time and told me he thought it was great. (That didn't convince him to read any extra chapters, though.)

2. We read The Dream Jar and talked about saving for a dream. I opened a savings account for First Son at our online bank and transferred what he'd saved so far in his peanut butter jar - over $50! He says he's saving for a computer. First Daughter wanted to start saving, too, so I increased her allowance by a quarter that she'll put in her kitty bank each week. She says she's saving for an ipad. At their savings rates, it'll be about 10 years for First Son and 30 years for First Daughter, but you have to start somewhere. It was sweet to hear them talk about their big dreams.

3. I didn't have any cavities.

4. We had our monthly girls' night. The girls made sand paintings and loved it.

5. We've had some lovely weather the past few days. The kids played outside at our parish playground on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I sent First Son and Second Daughter outside while the other two napped. They went exploring and seemed to have a great time together as I watched through the windows.

6. I emptied a small bookcase so I can push our desk chair against the wall and walk through our bedroom without moving it to one side or the other every time. I also shredded enough papers from our filing cabinet to put in new folders for 2013. I don't file much anymore, but had let the papers pile up for a couple of months because there wasn't room for them in the cabinet. There's still too much stuff against the wall, but all the papers have been filed and the artwork stored in the kids' art boxes. At least until we paint again next week...


  1. Art boxes...that's a good idea! I just made keepsake boxes for each of the kids. For now I just file away art in the front of a file cabinet, but I am sure that it will eventually outgrow its space. Thanks for the idea.

    Oh this weather...maybe it will just stay this way (or a bit warmer) until summer. A girl can dream....

    So, um, how do you deposit cash in an online bank? Is there a special spot to insert it on your computer? (haha, kidding, but still curious how that works)

    1. I love my art boxes. I order them online from The Container Store and have one for each child. When it's full (and I don't save everything), I stash it in the closet and start a new one. Second Son has one, too, though most of it right now is stuff the others have made for him.

      We've had an account with ING for almost ten years. I have it linked to our checking account and transfer money every month. I just added an account under mine and set up an automatic transfer for the $1 a week First Son has been putting in his jar. I also set up a one time transfer from my checking account to that account for the amount he had saved and he gave me his cash. (That's how almost all his transactions are handled. We make the purchases and they pay us their cash.)

      Now that we have an ipad (or, more accurately, access to one Kansas Dad uses for work), we downloaded the app for our brick and mortar bank so we can take pictures of our checks and they are deposited into our account. I bet ING has one, too, but I haven't looked into it. ING also has checking accounts, but we don't have one of those; we just use it for savings.

  2. Nifty. I am slightly bummed, however, that you do not have a money slot in your computer. But your MO makes sense. ;-D

    We bank at a credit union. It is close, and I can pay all our bills online through their website. I find it incredibly handy and since the thought of even a small change sends me into a cold sweat, I foresee keeping it for quite some time.

    Were we ever to need another option, I will file away the fact that I've heard good things from a trusted source about ING. To date I think the only thing I'd seen about them were commercials and their signs with the lion (right?) on the benches at bus stops. Now I know.

  3. Also, if you have a chance, will you post a link to the art boxes please and thanks!!

  4. These are the ones I like:

    They're bigger than legal size, so the big sketch pad sheets that are 18" long fit very well without any folding. I wouldn't trust them out where the kids would have access - they're not quite that sturdy. I keep them on a shelf in my bedroom until they're full.

  5. Oh, and we think often of switching to the credit union. I'm sure it would be better in oh-so-many ways, but even the thought of changing everything is exhausting.

  6. Yup. Changing banks is hugely painful, I hear ya. Last time we did that was when we got married and I changed my name and added Aaron to my existing account so we could bank together. We've always been pretty happy with the credit union. I know so many places offer cash back and such but in the end so much of that stuff seems to be gimicky, the credit union is simple and easy.


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