Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Less Math and More Poetry Memorization

We've just finished our Spring Break and have hopefully stored up enough relaxation to gird ourselves for the weeks ahead. I find we tire of the outside activities at the end of the year. Sometimes it's hard to remember how good and worthy they are, but we will persevere.

First Son has finished third grade math!

We have accomplished the required number of hours of school for the year!

Sadly, that makes it a little bit harder to focus on what remains to be done. We all long to go play outside in the spring sunshine instead. We'll use some of our math time for other subjects, though, so we'll start to finish other things a bit quicker now.

In other news, Brandy shared a link to a Memoria Press article that touts the benefits of memorizing poetry. It's nice to see someone agreeing with at least part of my post on poetry memorization.

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