Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Review: Theras and His Town

Theras and His Town
by Caroline Dale Snedeker

This book is recommended in the Connecting with History program (affiliate link) and as possible additional reading on Ancient Greece at Mater Amabilis for Level 2, so I decided to purchase it even though the cover was not enticing. I am so glad I did!

Theras is a young Athenian. The book begins on his first day of school and follows him and his family through a few years of life in Athens before tragedy strikes and he is forced to move to Sparta. Eventually, he journeys home again through adversity and danger. It's a wonderful story of courage, perseverance, loyalty, and friendship that manages to convey a lot of information on Athens and Sparta as well as the geography, culture, daily life, and achievements of Ancient Greece. In short, it's nearly everything good historical fiction should be.

I intend to ask First Son to read this independently next year, but it would be appropriate as a read-aloud story for all ages.

This review is my honest opinion. I purchased my copy of this book at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts (not an affiliate link). It is also available at RC History (an affiliate link).

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