Monday, July 8, 2013

Homeschool Review: More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

by Caryll Houselander, illustrated by Renee George

This book is scheduled as Lenten reading in Level 1A (second year) of Mater Amabilis. First Son independently read one story twice a week during Lent. Mater Amabilis does not recommend narration for these stories, but I asked First Son to tell just a little of what he read to make sure he paid a little attention. (At first I thought I would read them aloud again, but then decided I wanted First Daughter to have the pleasure of reading them herself in a few years.)

I wrote quite a bit in my review of Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls last year. This book continues in the same way with many more wonderful stories, the last of which is the same text found in Petook: An Easter Story. It was an appropriate story to read during Holy Week.

I highly recommend this book and Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls.


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    1. H of B, I think I saw that CHC includes them in their curriculum, too. Is that right? I bought copies of both of them years ago for both my brother's family and my sister's family and am so very pleased with those gifts now that we've read them ourselves.

    2. Yes, they are used in the CHC curriculum.


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