Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quote: Prayer

Pope Benedict XVI in Prayer (a review copy):
Silence is the environmental condition most conducive to contemplation, to listening to God and to meditation. The very fact of enjoying silence and letting ourselves be "filled," so to speak, with silence, disposes us to prayer.


  1. This is what I love about Eucharistic Adoration. Because (as you well know) silence is kinda sorta hard to come by in our vocation.

    1. Of course, it really only works if you leave the kids at home...

  2. Though, I will say I feel like I'm not nearly as exhausted at the end of my days as I used to be when all my kids were little. I feel like now I can sit down with a serious book or a prayer book in the quiet after they're all asleep (eventually) and still concentrate and think. It's nice.

  3. Yeah, by the time my kids are asleep my brain is done and I'm ready to spend some time with my hubby who doesn't get home until the mad rush that is dinner and bedtime routine. Sometimes I read during the day, but I get interrupted so often that i feel like I read the same paragraph 15 times and make more backwards progress than forwards. heh heh. I used to be such a morning person, but the more kids we have the harder time I have dragging myself out of bed before about 6:30. Discipline...

  4. Ha ha ha...6:30! I avoid any time before 7 am, if at all possible. And I prefer 8.


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