Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Catholic Company Book Review: The Catholic Prayer Book

The Catholic Prayer Book
Compiled by Msgr. Michael Buckley; Edited by Tony Castle

This is a wonderful little prayer book. The cover feels nice and the pages are light-weight but not too delicate.

Included are many well-known prayers, prayers from the Roman Missal, and a few select modern prayers the editors believe will stand the test of time. The prayers are organized in sections: prayers to the Holy Trinity, prayers regarding the sacraments, daily prayers, family prayers, prayers for special needs, prayer to Mary (including the Rosary), prayers to angels and saints, and prayers for the Holy Souls.

I haven't read every prayer in the book. After all, it's meant to be used over a lifetime, not read in a few weeks.
The manner in which each person uses The Catholic Prayer Book will be unique as he or she grows in the life of the Spirit. That the reader will come to love and treasure this book as an instrument that leads to a fuller life with God: This is its function and my prayer for you. (Micheal Buckley)
I have flipped through every section, finding many prayers I recognize and new ones as well. There were quite a few in the section on family prayers I think we'll incorporate into our morning or evening prayers over the years, as the children grow. I do wish it had a prayer or a blessing for the anniversary of a baptism, but that was the only thing I sought that I did not find.

There are some Christian prayers that are not specifically Catholic.
The Church is spiritually one. In this it reflects the unity of the Trinity. But we live, in fact, in a fragmented Church and world. We believe that the Spirit pours out his gifts on all those in the Church who confess Jesus as Lord to the glory of the Father. The Catholic Prayer Book, therefore, in acknowledging this diversity of spiritual gifts of the Spirit to all members of Christ's Church, incorporates in its pages many prayers of Christian denominations other than Catholic.
The brief section, "How to Use this Prayer Book," contains some succinct advice for anyone wondering how to pray.
Prayer is not a matter of talking a great deal but of loving a great deal. It is thinking about God while loving him and loving him while thinking about him. Silence, for the Christian, is not just the absence of speech but the stillness of soul in which our true self is united with its Creator and Father. We become silent in awe and wonder, as we contemplate God within us. It is an experience too rich and sensitive for words.
This is the perfect prayer book to pack for a trip, to take to Adoration, for someone with a tiny apartment (or dorm room), and especially for someone who will be somewhere without access to the Internet because it lists so many important and common Catholic prayers. It is worthy of gift-giving for important occasions like confirmations and graduations.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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