Monday, November 25, 2013

An Advent Activity Chain for 2013

Are you ready for Advent? I've planned our picture books for the season (though I haven't wrapped them yet). Our Jesse Tree is ready and I've got a new "branch" on which to hang the ornaments. Much I planned last year will work just fine for this year.

I did decide to make our own Advent activity chain this year. Last year's was fine, but I wanted to include activities for all our birthdays, parties, and baptismal anniversaries. It was so easy! I made an Excel document with spaces for each day, printed it, cut them out, and taped them onto pink and purple strips of paper. I easily could have asked my older two to cut and tape everything, but I was having too much fun with my new adhesive dispensers.

I can't share our personal activity chain, because I included names and birthdays on it, but I also printed out a few for some friends. I tried to choose activities that would be really easy for any family with young children without a lot of preparation. If you have ten minutes between now and the first Sunday of Advent (this coming Sunday!), you can make your own with this file.

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