Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 4

I wasn't going to post anything today because I just haven't written anything. For some reason I can't explain, the past few weeks have been the kind that leave me no time at the computer during the day and too drained to contemplate writing a complete sentence after the kids are in bed.

However, Kansas Dad was up during the night with a sick girl and I finally made him shut the door and let me stay in the living room so she wouldn't keep waking him when he has a full day of class and presentations and meetings and all that sort of professory-stuff. She's sitting on the sofa now staring at the cars going by and I've given up any hope of sleep.

So now you'll get the super-sleep-deprived edition of Seven Quick Takes.

I see the light at the end of our school year tunnel! We surpassed our required number of hours this week and that always makes me want to say, "We're done!" But I don't. We have two or three more weeks of math for First Son and First Daughter. After that it'll be even harder to stay focused, so I'm guessing we'll finish everything up in the next four weeks, though I haven't figured out yet how to manage the week we were going to take off for Easter.

My parents were here for a visit last week. The kids always love this special time with their grandparents and I always think of how many pictures I'm going to take before they come. Then I don't take any. I have no excuses.

Speaking of pictures, there are literally hundreds of them on my computer to go through and upload and make into albums. I am so overwhelmed at the thought of them, I haven't been able to convince myself to even look at a few of them each night (which would quickly manage all of them).

I'm also frustrated at a spot or something on my lens. I've tried cleaning it, but so far no luck.
Can you see it, floating up there in the top left corner?

The day the picture above was taken, I made the kids sit in a chair for photographs before we went to our church to have a family picture taken for a new church directory. They provided a free copy of the selected picture for us to keep. It's on our mantel now and I'm so proud to say we now have a professional family picture in which all four kids are present. (Our previous one had only two.)

A few weeks ago, the window in the driver's side door of our van broke. It fell all the way down into the door. Now, that window hasn't gone up or down in at least five years, but it was obviously not as big a deal when it was stuck in the up position than when it was essentially gone.

Kansas Dad managed to lift it out and duct tape it closed. I drove it like that for two weeks or so which should have been a great Lenten penance, but, through my own bad attitude, I think I failed to learn anything spiritually productive.

Then Kansas Dad spent some time on Youtube, ordered a large window-type-contraption, took the door apart, replaced said window-type-contraption, put the door back together again, and, being the amazing man he is, fixed that window! That's right, dear readers, he didn't just eliminate the need to hold our window up with duct tape; he made paying tolls and ordering Starbucks at a drive-through something I might actually want to do again. I told him we should go through a drive-through to celebrate, just because we could, but we couldn't think of anything we wanted.

I drove around with the window down all week, though, just because I could.

I sense a movie day in our future.

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  1. I love reading these...but I'm sorry you have to be sleep deprived! :(

    I hope you get some good rest and refreshment soon. :)

    1. Also, you would LOVE The Idea of a University!

    2. Okay. FINE. I'm putting it on my list. :)

    3. I even thought about sending you my copy, so you couldn't use that as an excuse, only it's not really my copy, it's Kansas Dad's copy. And then I spilled some tea on it. And then the kids tossed it around a little and completely separated the covers from the pages so it's still a book but the part that's supposed to hold it to the covers is all flaking off and it's pretty clear to me no one is going to want this book when I'm done with it.

  2. Thanks, Brandy. As long as no one else gets sick, tonight has to be better than last night!

  3. "leave me no time at the computer during the day and too drained to contemplate writing a complete sentence after the kids are in bed." <--story of my life right now! :) I have a six-month old and he's not sleeping through the night yet (do ANY six-month olds??) so I'm tired. In general.

    You have cute kids, btw!

    1. Catie, I love six month olds! (That's the age when I always think, "I could have a hundred of these!") But yes, they are completely exhausting. Though it's not my current excuse; I think I'm probably just staying up too late. It's just a phase; we'll both have coherent thoughts again soon. I clicked over to your blog, and your kids are adorable!

  4. " I told him we should go through a drive-through to celebrate, just because we could, but we couldn't think of anything we wanted." Haha, true that! That is really impressive he fixed it on his own. I am always amazed at the things my hubby is able to do, fix, build, etc.

    1. I really shouldn't be surprised anymore. Kansas Dad fixed a washing machine the repair man said couldn't be fixed and rebuilt a water softener from the inside out. This van window was hardly anything compared to those!


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