Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Shoes

Last weekend, my mother-in-law and I took all four kids shoe shopping. We needed six pairs of shoes: sneakers and sandals for each of the boys and summer church shoes for each of the girls.

Imagine what it was like going to four different stores and getting all four kids sized and trying on shoes in the toddler, girls' and mens' sections.

Yeah, that's how well it went. 

At the end of it, we went home with four pairs of shoes, five pairs of clip-on earrings, two sets of hair bows for Easter, and Second Daughter picked out a stuffed unicorn to buy with her own money.

I sent Kansas Dad to a different location of one of the stores the next day to pick up the two other pairs of shoes. So while we didn't get them all in one swoop, I'm counting it a success because the kids didn't have to go to another store (and neither did I).

Additional information you didn't need to know about our shoes:
  • First Son, who is ten, is now wearing a mens' seven and a half. Mens. 7.5.
  • Second Son, who is three, is now wearing a half size larger than Second Daughter, who is five.
  • Said three year old now adores the shoes he refused to try on at the last store. 
  • First Son really hates shoe shopping, so much so that his old pair had about six holes spread across the two shoes, but he would rather keep wearing them than get new ones.
  • Second Daughter will only wear shoes that sparkle somewhere or somehow.
Is it wrong to pray no one needs shoes for about two years? I may need that long to recover from a phobia of shoe stores with small children in tow.

I anticipate keeping the blog quiet through Holy Week and maybe through Divine Mercy Sunday. Have a blessed Easter!


  1. We survived Spring Shoe Shopping recently, too. My 3 boys needed 7 pair of shoes, all of which I get at either Stride Rite or REI. I don't trust anyone but Stride Rite to properly measure their feet. I get dress shoes, sneakers, and closed-toed sandals this time of year and sneakers and dress shoes in August (both timed during Stride Rite's B1G1 50% off sales). Leo, age 8, and Peter, age 10, both now wear boys' size 4. Tim, age 3.5, wears 9.5. Leo's dress shoes from fall still were fine, so at Stride Rite, we got 3 pair of sneakers and 2 pair of dress shoes. Last year we got sandals there too and the quality stunk so we went back to Keens from REI, where it was also 20% off time plus I had a small dividend.Peter and Leo's Keens from 2-3 years ago are still in great condition (it's rare I can say that about any shoes, so I'm willing to pay for them again) but the size tags have worn off. I tried the smaller pair on Tim before leaving the house and they seemed pretty big. I should have brought those with me. At REI, the 10s were too small for Tim and I was afraid to buy 11s because they seemed like the ones we have at home. Now I can't find any way online (including emailing Keen) to figure out what size we already own. Tim is flopping around in the used ones. Peter and Leo fit well into the size 4 Keens at REI, although in order to get different colors, Peter ended up buying premium ones that were an extra $5. It wasn't quite worth the hassle to buy one pair off Amazon.

    So, $235 later, everyone has shoes.

    Then I realized I don't have any summer shoes and bought a cheap pair of flats and another cheap pair of sandals at Target and my foot has hurt ever since.

    I'm glad someone else is going through shoe pain of one sort or another.

  2. Shoe shopping with my girls always makes me feel drained and only a ice-cold beverage will help me recover. :)


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