Saturday, May 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 5

I buy a new book for myself about once a year, usually at the end of May when I'm flush with birthday money, and I am really tempted to make Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It my purchase of the year. I even looked at it in an actual store yesterday, but didn't purchase it seeing as how I don't have any birthday money in hand yet.

Jennifer is having a little giveaway to a lucky blogger who mentions her book in 7 Quick Takes. I promise to use it to buy her book if I win.

I was at said bookstore yesterday looking for a birthday gift for one of Second Daughter's friends in a few minutes of child-free time. I had this child-free time because my mother-in-law kindly took the children to the park while I suffered through my second physical therapy appointment. I injured my back last June, nearly 11 months ago, and finally accepted the fact that it was not going to get better on its own. The physical therapist seconded the doctor's theory that I had developed extensive scar tissue and recommended a therapy involving physically breaking the scar tissue up. So twice a week, she pushes against all the muscles in my upper back, shoulder, and arm until they bruise. I think the bruising is an unfortunate side effect.

I mention this therapy for a few reasons. Firstly, to garner sympathy (yeah, it's not fun) and prayers (yes, please!). Secondly, to publicly thank my mother-in-law and husband who are taking time from their schedules to care for the children at weird times during the day so I can go to physical therapy. Thirdly, to assure everyone who sees me in person that any bruising you may see is indeed part of a regimen that I am told will lead eventually to complete health for my poor injured back. No one is beating me (not even the physical therapist).

Also please note: I will probably hate the smell of cocoa butter before this therapy is over, so if you intend to purchase any sweet smelling beauty products for me, you might want to choose something else.

We finished school this week!

Dance of joy time!

We took Friday as a day of celebration, beginning with breakfast at a local donut shop. The children enjoyed a visit to the park with Grammy. Then we met for lunch at their favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, before Taekwondo, and stopped by the frozen yogurt joint before heading home. We started the year with frozen yogurt, and ended the year with frozen yogurt. It must have been a good one!

After our long day of celebration in town, we came home to tidy quickly and prepare a feast in honor of St. Athanasius. He is Kansas Dad's confirmation saint, the patron of our school, and also our family's patron saint. I made St. Anthony of the Desert soup and the pork loin recipe with parsley and shallot sauce in The Food You Crave. First Son made Tiger Nut Sweets. First Daughter made decadent brownies from The All-American Cookie Book, a cookbook totally worth the $5 you could spend to get a good used copy. Of course, we had lots of salad goodies and crusty bread from My Bread.

We feasted all day long.

Just by chance, our parish priest was able to join us for dinner which was his good luck given the extra dessert.

This morning, First Son, First Daughter, and Kansas Dad participated in a diocesan charity run/walk. I expected to wander along at the end of the pack with Second Son and maybe Second Daughter, but they wanted to run. So all four children (mostly) ran the 1.5 miles with poor Kansas Dad jogging along, knowing he'd suffer the shin splints for it later. Next year maybe we'll fundraise a little more so we can all officially register.

School's out. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is done. Choir and CCD and soccer are all done. We have about a month before the swimming lessons, Totus Tuus, and other summer activities begin. I had planned to take a few weeks to deep clean my house - the kind of cleaning that includes moving all the furniture and scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. But given my back and physical therapy plan, I think I had better hold off on that. Perhaps instead I'll finally go through our pictures so I can make photo albums for the past nine months. And then maybe I'll make Second Son's baby book. If I hurry, I could finish it before his fourth birthday.

Or maybe I'll just read a lot.

Did I mention we finished school this week? I did? Well, I think it's momentous enough to count for two takes.

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