Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Tales Vol. 6: Hawk Pellets, Silly Pictures, and Chickens

Yesterday, I had my hair cut. I doubt anyone will notice. She took off five inches, but it's still pretty long. I can't believe how much nicer it looks with a nice blunt cut at the bottom instead of the straggly ends I had.

A wonderful veteran homeschooling mom shared some bird pellets with us last weekend. We invited some friends over and enjoyed an afternoon of playing after dissecting them. First Daughter was the most enthralled.

We learned the difference between owl pellets and hawk pellets, deciding the four we had were from a hawk.

I've started going through all the picture files on my computer. I think there are a thousand pictures from the kid cameras. Some of them are awesome, though. Here's a small sampling.

Sadly, Second Daughter's camera is having issues. It's still under warranty so we're mailing it off to see if they'll repair it. There are still two kid cameras roaming the house so I don't doubt the interesting pictures and movies will continue.

In the course of wading through the photos, I found a few videos to upload. Apparently, I had to make a new "channel" on YouTube which will not link with my old videos. They're still online; I just can't access or alter them. Ah well. Here's a link to the new channel, for what it's worth.

I also updated the banner photo at the top of the blog and all the kids pictures in the sidebar. The one at the top is from Easter. The ones on the side are from January when I forced the kids to each sit for a photograph before we had our family picture taken by a photographer at church for a new directory.

Our new chicks arrived today! We picked up 25 chicks as soon as the post office opened this morning.

We are very close to being diaper free in our household - day and night. This will be very momentous and yes, worthy of a family celebration with frozen yogurt.

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