Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Invitation to Relationship

Apparently, it's Giving Tuesday. We don't participate much in Black Friday (if I can only afford it by going out at 3 in the morning and battling hundreds of other people for deals, I'd rather live without it) or Cyber Monday (who needs a special day to shop online?), I thought I'd take a minute on Giving Tuesday to remind you about my favorite charity.

Unbound provides a connection to another person, a child or an elder. It's an invitation to participate in another person's life and to develop a relationship with someone who has much to teach about another culture, hope, faith, and life.

It's not a small gift once a year or even a large gift once a year (though you can do that, too). It's a commitment to improving the life of a person and a community. Don't make Giving Tuesday a once-a-year afterthought to the Christmas shopping frenzy. Take a few minutes today or in the next few days to prayerfully consider your budget for 2015 and whether there might be $30 a month to change a life.

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