Sunday, March 8, 2015

First Daughter's First Communion

First Daughter made her First Communion this weekend. I love how our parish celebrates First Communion with all the second graders during Lent because it means the blessing of the Eucharist is still fresh for the children at Easter. We have promised First Daughter we'll all go to the Easter Vigil this year, in honor of her First Communion.

Here is First Daughter all ready to leave for Mass. Her dress is made from my wedding dress, modified by a friend who skillfully changed our ideas about what she would like to a beautiful reality. She picked the tiara because of the dangling cross which is probably too small to see in the pictures, but it is sparkling.

We took a few pictures before Mass at the church, too. Here is First Daughter with the Holy Family. This is a new statue at our parish and I love seeing it each week outside our Atrium. You can see the cross a little better in the picture below.

We didn't take any pictures during the Mass, preferring to enjoy the time with each other and our parish family. Below is our lovely girl with our parish priest.

Here we all are. First Son served the Mass, which was wonderful. I think here he's really excited to go out to eat for lunch.

When First Daughter was just an infant, my parents traveled to Spain. At a monastery there, they bought a rosary for her. We saved it all these years and gave it to her today. (My friend also made a lovely rosary pouch for First Daughter out of the material. I didn't get a picture of it, but it's a great idea. It will always remind her of her First Communion.)

First Daughter's doll has her own First Communion dress, so we took a lot of pictures of them together.

To celebrate, we offered to take First Daughter out to lunch and let her choose the restaurant. We feasted at a Chinese buffet and then enjoyed our traditional frozen yogurt. We'll invite a few of her friends over for a luncheon and tea party in a few days.

Many blessings on you, our first daughter!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl on her special day! Congrats to First Daughter!


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