Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Homeschool Review: Genesis 1

Genesis 1: House of the Covenant by Mary Daly

This book is recommended for grammar level students (4th - 6th grades) in Volume 1 (Ancient History). Connecting with History is the study of salvation history and therefore begins with Creation. It explores the meaning of the creation story in Genesis and how it can be reconciled with current scientific theories.

Beautifully printed text appears on the left hand page. The right hand page is a black and white illustration with Biblical verses. It is a coloring book, with nice thick pages appropriate for colored pencils or crayons. First Son is not much interested in coloring, but a student could color the picture while listening to the text. Each day, I read one or two pages and asked First Son (who was ten) to narrate, though mostly we just talked through the thought-provoking ideas. I think it might have been difficult for him to read through the ideas on his own slowly enough for him to concentrate on them, but he was capable of discussing them with me.

The Catholic Church asserts God created the world, but we are free to assess the scientific evidence when considering the length of time in which He did so. (Read more in the Catechism.) This book reveals the truth and beauty of the creation account in Scripture as a complement to our reason and study of the natural world.
He has the power to make things quickly instead of slowly; He can do anything. But He could not mean for us to study the world, if He made it falsely, since we would never know when we were finding the truth and when we were finding falsehood.
Our faith teaches us that God He can neither deceive nor be deceived. He is our loving Father.
If you believe in a more literal reading of Genesis, you may not want to read this book with your child. I still recommend you find a copy for yourself to better understand the beliefs of those who believe in the truth of the Genesis account of creation in a less literal way.

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