Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Early Reader for Kansas Territory

The Sod House by Elizabeth Coatsworth is an early reader in which a young girl travels to Kansas Territory with a movement to prevent slavery from taking hold. Her family struggles more with isolation and threats from other white settlers than Native Americans (who protect them) or the harsh environment. It's a nice complement to Kansas studies for young readers, especially for girls or those not quite ready to read the Prairie Skies trilogy. First Daughter would be able to read it very quickly, but I think she'll like it so I'll provide it as an option.


  1. We are halfway through Pioneer Summer. How intense does the trilogy get? I requested the other two but am trying to decide if it is too much for Gemma. Thanks for posting this, perfect timing.

    1. I think you should be alright if you are reading it out loud to her. If she gets anxious, you can reassure her that everything will be ok. This book also has a few tense spots, but it would probably be slight enough for her to read it independently. (A horse does die in this book; I know that would make my six year old upset, even though it's not a pet or anything.)

  2. Thanks! It has provided some great conversation already. She still isn't doing chapter books independently really, but I think I will read this one aloud when we finish the trilogy so I can have some sense of a theme. Thanks!!


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