Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cardinals Outside the Window

In the spring, we had a pair of cardinals nest just outside our kitchen window. The children could sit at the table and look down into the nest. It was fantastic, and the source of many prayers from Kansas Mom and Dad that the neighbor cats wouldn't disrupt the nest.

Second Daughter documented the saga in her book entitled, appropriately if predictably, Cardinals.

In the beginning, there was a male cardinal and a female cardinal.

They fell in love and the female showed off her beautiful eggs.

The eggs hatched. The cardinals diligently fed the hungry chicks.

Then the chicks grew up and went their merry way.

The End

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  1. She is quite the artist! If I had a dime for every book like that Gemma has written...

    We have had a pair of cardinals at our feeder more years than I can remember. One year when Kolbe was a toddler a male hit the deck door and was stunned on the deck for a few hours, but came to his senses and flew off (and either recovered or died). We may not have much nature living in the 'burbs, but I am grateful for what we have.


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