Monday, December 21, 2015

Listening Loop: Kansas and Patriotic Songs on the Range

I wrote about our loop scheduling a few days ago. You can read that post here.

First Daughter is in third grade this year, which means she's studying her state (because I studied Georgia when I was in third grade and for no other reason). Originally, I had not intended to "teach" the state song, Home on the Range, but decided it was a good year to have a patriotic playlist for our listening loop.
Like the other playlists, this one lives on Spotify. For a few weeks there, my recommendations were filled with army bands and old country. I also discovered Old Chisholm Trail has a wide variety of verses, the majority of which seemed to be inappropriate for my five year old to learn. The version I finally selected includes drunkenness, but in a relatively instructive way.

I think it's likely we'll have new lists science songs and folk songs every year, but I may save this list for years in which one of the children is studying Kansas.

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