Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Favorite Picture Books: The Big Snow

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader

The animals of the forest are getting ready for winter as the geese fly south. Deer, raccoons, mice, ground hogs, birds, are all preparing. Then, just after Christmas, a great snow falls. Hunger sets in, but a kind old man and woman put out food for the animals and birds.

That's all. Nothing else happens. It's a lovely peaceful book of the natural world and its intersection with our world, when we care to notice. After reading it, my children always want to put out food for the birds. They've never been disturbed by the realization we live a bit farther south and don't have any big snows that last all winter. (We do usually have one or two big snows that melt away.)


  1. I read this book to my children two weeks ago during a snow storm. They loved seeing the birds and squirrels hanging all over our bird feeders. We even had over 30 birds at once in our yard eating the seeds that had fallen on the ground. It was a great study on what kinds of birds were in our yard. :)

    1. That sounds wonderful! I scheduled this book for February hoping for snow, but apparently our area in Kansas is destined for an unusually mild winter. We've spent a lot of time outside, which is nice, but it would also be nice to have a bit of snow.


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