Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Favorite Picture Books: Hot Dog Cold Dog

Hot Dog Cold Dog by Frann Prestion-Gannon

I read about this book over at The Bleeding Pelican and immediately decided it was the perfect gift for our soon-to-be-born niece whose parents own and love a little miniature dachshund. Of course, I had to check it out from our library before making a final decision.

A vibrantly illustrated book of opposites, Hot Dog Cold Dog depicts dachshunds of all colors engaged in some familiar doggie activities like digging and sleeping, but mostly more unusual activities (at least for dogs) like reading or eating birthday cake.

The only potential problem with this book as a gift is that someone else may give it to the new baby as well! It's too perfect.

I'm still searching for one or two other board books to give when the baby is born. Anything you think she'd particularly enjoy before she's nine months old (which will be around Christmas when we can give her more books)?


  1. Gossie was one of my favorite board books.
    There are several others books in the series.

    1. Oh, thanks! I'd forgotten about Gossie.


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