Monday, October 2, 2017

School Week Highlights: Week 5

1. We celebrated First Daughter's birthday breakfast a day late with a pancake as big as her head. And she ate the whole thing!

2. We went to adoration for an hour.

3. Kansas Dad was speaking on Tuesday evening at Theology on Tap and I joined him. This really isn't a school highlight, but it was an enjoyable evening!

4. First Son stumbled in his PSR classroom but he survived with only a bloody cut on his eyebrow and a smaller one on his eyelid.

5. We travelled a bit for nature study this week and enjoyed a beautiful walk.

6. Then we went to chess club for the first time. We were a little late, but all the kids got to play one game.

7. We successfully added a new pet to our family! Second Daughter wanted nothing except a bearded dragon for her birthday. These require a bit of an investment in equipment so it took us a while to get everything together. Then, Kansas Dad called three different stores and we visited two in order to choose an actual animal. We ended up at the farthest one which was also an amazing little store almost like a zoo. They had many large reptiles that were not for sale. I took a few pictures of the bearded dragon, but none of them do him justice. So we'll have to try again next week. We sacrificed an entire afternoon of lessons, but someday when it's cold and rainy we'll draw him for nature study and that will make up for it, right?

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