Monday, October 9, 2017

School Week Highlights: Week 6

1. We went to adoration.

2. Three of the children had orthodontist appointments this week. No one needs braces right now.

3. Because we were in town, we did our nature study walk even though it was the wrong day. We went to a new park and enjoyed our walk pretty well. I forgot the camera which was too bad. Then we had a picnic lunch.

4. We went to the First Friday mass at Kansas Dad's university and had a picnic lunch with him. (Two picnic lunches in one week!!)

5. We learned the pet store nearest Kansas Dad's office does not carry food for our bearded dragon, so we drove to a farther store and bought some. Keeping this guy in bugs is going to be annoying.

6. After talking with a friend, I tried a new schedule this week, one that separates the subjects into blocks of time. At the end of the block, the student moves on, even if all the coursework isn't done. I think with some tweaks we're going to give it another try this coming week. It certainly has potential.

7. First Daughter asked last spring to go on an outing with me to the art museum so she could sketch some of the artwork. It took months but we made it this weekend. We spent a few hours together there and had a lovely time. She came home with three sketches and I made four.

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