Thursday, February 1, 2018

Windy, but not Windy Enough

Last week, on a blustery day, First Son was complaining about his required nature study drawing, claiming it was too windy to be able to draw anything. (After, of course, all the rest of us managed to sketch something in our journals.)

At one point, he comes back into the house* and insist it's so windy, he "literally" flew through the air because the wind picked him up when he jumped. (I sent him back outside.)

Second Daughter and Second Son overheard and immediately rushed for their shoes. Second Son told me he'd probably be back in a few hours after walking home from where the wind dropped him because he's so much lighter than First Son that he'll go tremendously far when he jumps.

Sadly, he and Second Daughter were both disappointed in the strength of the wind.

* We had visited a river earlier in the day, but because he couldn't find anything there to draw, First Son had to complete the journal entry after we returned home.

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