Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Young Austen: Northanger Abbey

by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey was our book club choice, spread over two months (part 1, then part 2). It was one of the first books Jane Austen wrote and our book club thought it was obvious it was the work of a young author. It's almost like there are three different stories one after another. The conclusion, when it comes, is all introduced and settled in the last four pages or so, rather abruptly given the prodigious number of words applied to the meager action of the rest of the book.

Still, it does have some of Austen's flair for revealing the inanity of high society of her time and the difficulty in maneuvering through that society as a young eligible lady (or gentleman) reluctant or unable to participate in the sly manipulations to secure a husband and financial security.

This is not my favorite Austen novel, but I think now I've read them all. Some were long ago, though, and I intend to refresh my memory by revisiting them.

I received this lovely edition as a gift last Christmas. These opinions are my own.

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