Thursday, June 14, 2018

Communism in the Barn: Animal Farm

Animal Farm
by George Orwell

This book has been on my shelf for years but I had never read it so I picked it for our book club in May.

In the book, animals on a farm rise up against their human owner and start a cooperative, closely mirroring events as they transpired in the October 1917 revolution in Russia. (My plans for this unit are posted in the Mater Amabilis™ facebook group.) I'm going to add it to our Level 4 schedule for my future students because it so well parallels what they read in the Rise and Fall of Communism term. To be honest, without the Level 4 reading I did this year, much of the book would have been meaningless to me!

I read this particular edition: the Everyman's Library one with an introduction by Julian Symons. After reading the book itself, I read the appendices and the introduction, all of which deepened my understanding of the author, the book, and what the author intended.

Highly recommended.

I received nothing to write this post; all opinions are my own. Links to Amazon are affiliate links. I think my mom gave me this book.

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