Friday, July 20, 2018

The Battle of Lepanto: Blood-Red Crescent

by Henry Garnett

This historical fiction novel follows a young man who sails on his father's galley to fight against the Ottoman Turks. It is recommended at the grammar level of volume 3 in Connecting with History.

There are descriptions of death, mayhem, and destruction, so it is appropriate to wait for the grammar level (roughly grades 4-6) to read this novel. Second Daughter will read it independently for fourth grade. (It will be optional for First Daughter, in sixth grade.)

Though written explicitly from the Christian perspective, the author allows the main character and the reader to contemplate the Turkish perspective a little. I wouldn't say it's necessarily balanced, but it leaves room for compassion. At the end of the novel, Guido (the young man) says:
Then I don't understand how these miracles come to be mixed up with death, cruelty, and suffering.
In order to understand, he returns to the monastery of his education to learn and study more.

Links to RC History are affiliate links. I received nothing for this post which reflects my honest opinions. I purchased this book used from a member of the Cathswap Yahoo group.

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