Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Baby Pictures for #3

Well, the sickness has spread. Everyone is still feeling sick and now I've become the worst of all. (It could be that I'm just a wimp, but I prefer to blame the pregnancy.) Kansas Dad is somehow struggling through his own aches and pains to keep the rest of us (especially the kids) reasonably hydrated and entertained. We've all been on the couch watching videos for days now. Milo and Otis have been joined by Cars on a daily basis, surrounded by other Veggie friends.

Kansas Dad did manage to get us all up, dressed and out of the house this morning for my doctor's appointment. He knew seeing the baby on the ultrasound would ease my fears. (I've been sick twice in the past ten days, continuing to drop pounds even though my morning sickness has eased.) He was right, of course, but I've been even more exhausted all day.

On to the pictures!

Here's a picture from our first doctor's visit, baby at about 7 weeks old back in November.

Pretty much just a blob (no offense, baby).

Today, at a bit over 19 weeks old, we received a few better pictures.

Though they don't say much at these visits, what she did say was good (fluid where there should be fluid, etc.). Good job, baby!

No, we didn't find out if baby is a baby brother or a baby sister. It's too much fun to pick out names!


  1. Fun?!?!? It was pure agony for us. We fought tooth and nail. I finally just said, as I was being cut for the C-section, "Listen, I'm naming this child." My timing was, in my estimation, perfect.

  2. ps. I think that your baby is going to be born very very close to Joe's b'day. I remember having my ultrasound for 19 weeks around this time last year...July babies are the best!


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