Monday, February 18, 2008


It's been a rough weekend around here. First Daughter continued her illness through Sunday (keeping us home from church) and First Son spiked a fever overnight last night. We even called First Daughter's pediatrician's line last night because her fever was so high and didn't seem to go down even with medication. (He said she'd be fine as long as she was hydrated, so we fed her water with an eyedropper and she was able to get it down.)

Today was a holiday, but we spent most of it on the couch, watching four videos - The Heffalump Movie, Little Joe, Milo and Otis and Cars. (As a side note, Milo and Otis was no bigger a hit with the little ones than I remember it. Both fell asleep, though that wasn't too far off from my goal so I didn't mind.) I started Cars way too late because as the ibuprofen wore off, First Son started to melt down. He was nearly in hysterics and I knew it would calm him down (which it did immediately) until the new dose kicked in. Kansas Dad has caught the cold as well and it's a doozy. I can tell the ibuprofen wears off after about three of the six hours. Both kids have been suffering. (We started double dosing, using overlaps of Tylenol to help avoid the worst of it.)

First Son did manage to convince us to get the new pirate ship, though. I've been avoiding the issue though he's asked for it many times (and announced he was getting it for Valentine's Day) because it's exactly the same ship, just green instead of brown. Today, though, when he was all quiet and pathetic, lying on the futon, he asked "Is it Valentine's Day yet?" When I said it was Valentine's Day last week, his face fell (even more), "I didn't get my pirate ship."

Well, that was it. He won. He had some birthday money left (because he so rarely asks for anything, you'd think I'd have given in long ago) and we arranged for Grammy to stop by the store and use her coupon. She dropped it off tonight and he was properly impressed. Another plus - First Daughter has now inherited the old one and we now have about three sets of pirates so everyone should be happy.

So the kids are both sleeping for at least a little while and the dishes are mostly done, but the rest of the house is a disaster. I just don't have the energy to care. It's amazing how taking care of three sick people all day makes a pile of dirty laundry look like a "good job for tomorrow."


  1. Oh, poor sweeties! You guys have had such a rough winter. I understand your hesitancy to keep bringing in more and more toys, but sometimes you can just simply make their day. And that just feels good. :-)

    Gotta mention, I just love the picture of your sweet girl in her hat. Your kids are just beautiful.

  2. By the way, how are YOU feeling, KM???? We want an update?!!?!!


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