Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Perfect Holiday Diet

You can eat anything you want and you won't gain weight. In fact, you'll lose weight. What's the trick?

You don't want to eat anything.

It's the first trimester diet!

I was going to post this with a cool picture of Baby, but really the poor dear looks like a blob, so we'll wait for a better one in a couple of weeks. I wanted to post this a few weeks ago, too, closer to the holidays, but I kept putting it off because certain important people hadn't heard the news yet. (I know, there are important people who hadn't heard the news until this post, but you don't work with me. I do apologize for my inability to email and call everyone. I wish I could talk to you all in person!)

Now the word is out, I can tell you about my doctor's visit this morning. First Son came along because we didn't want to send him to school after the sickness last night. He kept saying he didn't want to hear the heartbeat, but he was very impressed when he did.

Later tonight he said to me, "Mama, you have a baby in your tummy!"

"Yes, I do."

"I have a baby in my tummy, too."

"No sweetie, only mommies can have babies in their tummies."

"Oh. Okay."

Oh, before I forget, Baby is due to make an outside appearance sometime in mid-July.

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