Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prayers for Home Life

Out of the Depths I Call to You: A Book of Prayers for the Married Jewish Woman, edited and translated by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, written in 1786 for Mrs. Yehudit Kutscher Coen by her future husband.

As I'm not Jewish, there are many prayers in this book that aren't really applicable to my life, but there were some sweet moments, thinking of how women have prayed for the same things generation after generation. Mostly I loved the ones focused on pregnancy, childbirth and nursing (not too surprising). As a lullaby I mentioned earlier, many of these prayers ask for God to help the child live a godly life and to follow Him and His ways.

I also love asking for bizarre books through interlibrary loan. It took them months to find this one for me and I'm so glad they did!

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