Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Elephant and Piggie Silliness

There Is a Bird on Your Head by Mo Willems

I happened to see this book when I was looking for a different one and picked it up because the title amused me and we've enjoyed books by this author and illustrator in the past. First Son laughed out loud the first time we read it, and continues to do so. It's a silly story and the humor appeals to four year olds and adults alike. I love the expressive faces the most! First Son has already memorized it and loves to read it to us as much as he loves for us to read it to him.

We picked up a few of the other Elephant & Piggie books at the library, and feel this is the best of the four. (There are two others you can pre-order at Amazon.) Highly recommended for the preschool crowd!


  1. I like books by Mo Willems, too! (mostly because she is a woman and it reminds me of my other favorite Mo, Mo Dee Horwitz)

  2. I thought Mo Willems was a man.

    Anyway, we like them, too, though First Son is only showing interest in the Pigeon books now that he sees that little pigeon hidden in the back pages of the Elephant and Piggie books. (We also love that the Knuffle Bunny books all show our old neighborhood in New York City - the neighborhood we liked the most, that is.)


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