Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Silly Me

Today as I was waiting for Kansas Dad to finish winning his racquetball games against his brother, I noticed another dad feeding his little one, probably four or five months old, a bottle. I thought to myself, "Oh! I want a little baby!"

Then I had to laugh at myself, because in a few months we'll have another baby! I thought exercising (which I did before I sat and waited) was supposed to help me stay sharp but perhaps it's not enough to combat the sleep interruptions of First Daughter combined with all those pregnancy hormones.


  1. Oh man, I don't know how you do it with two...I'm amazed that you'll be juggling three. I have to remember that when I feel overwhelmed myself. :)

  2. There are so many people out there with even more kids, I figure we'll survive. I like to remember what a good friend of ours said to me after her youngest son (the third) was born, "It's going really well, as long as I know nothing's going to get done!"


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