Saturday, April 5, 2008

Toilets Are Dad's Job

Tonight was not fun. We managed to clog up the toilet and it overflowed, flooding the bathroom. I spent two hours trying to unplug it (in between getting the kids ready for bed without a bath or brushing their teeth) before giving in and asking Kansas Dad to call in the reinforcements (his father). It didn't take him long, but he used a snake or something to clean it out. He finally got it working a little while after the kids went to sleep.

Then I had to clean the mess...wash towels, mop floors, scrub the bathtub...everything.

Most of all I regret being short with First Son and First Daughter while I was trying to contain the mess. Poor First Son didn't even get a proper night-time story. Thankfully, he didn't seem as upset as I feel.

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