Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wasting Gas

This morning, Kansas Dad locked his keys in the car when he stopped for coffee. I grabbed my keys and coat and headed down the street to help him out.

I realized when I arrived that I had not actually brought the keys that would unlock the locked car.

So we got back in the car I drove, drove home again, grabbed the correct keys and returned to the coffee shop.

Where Kansas Dad proceeded to leave the rental car* running (with the only set of keys in the ignition) while we both got out and shut our doors. I looked at him, laughing, and said, "I sure hope these doors don't lock automatically."

They did not, thankfully. We were able to unlock the first car, get the keys for Kansas Dad and proceed to our separate destinations (home to work or school to work) without incident.

* This is the rental car we have for a couple of weeks while the damage to the van is being repaired. I'd like to take this opportunity to state that Geico has been wonderful for us. We've had two major claims, both for body work, and have never had the slightest bit of trouble or (so far) any change in rates. Granted, the claims were for hail damage and a fender bender that wasn't our fault, but it's still nice to get good service.

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  1. My mother did this once and claims that it was because she was very busy. I am certain that KD likely has the same defense.


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