Friday, June 6, 2008

Garden Shots

These pictures are a week old now, but I didn't want to miss sharing them.

See the pea pods? We were surprised to learn they unfurl (not grow out).

The pot in the middle holds our crazy heirloom tomato plant. It apparently loves all the rain (and hail) we've been getting because it's about four times as big as any of the hybrid tomatoes. We plan to try to save some seeds from it (which seems to be a bit of a tricky task, but we figure we haven't anything to lose).

Indian blanket - one of the native plants we bought last year that managed to survive the swamp of the front garden. It's supposed to attract bees and butterflies, but we haven't seen too many yet.

Some of our pak choy. We've been eating lots of stir fry and lots of salad to use the pak choy and lettuce we've grown.

A little hanging basket to end. Our hanging baskets just have flowers now. (We've moved the strawberries to the ground because they weren't getting enough light hanging on the porch.) We have to keep a close eye on these baskets; the birds like to swipe the dried edges for their nests!


  1. Your garden and all your flowers are beautiful! You both must have very green thumbs.

  2. Ha! Kansas Dad has the green thumbs. I sit in a chair on the patio and tell the kids (over and over again) not to step on or sit on the plants.

    I have watered them once or twice when Kansas Dad was busy. That's the extent of my gardening.

    I do plan to learn more, just not when I'm 8 months pregnant in mid-June.


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