Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Much to Report

It's been a quiet week here on the blog. We've been having the usual summer fun - bubbles, sprinklers, chalk, watching bugs...but I haven't even taken pictures this week. (I do have some garden pictures to share; maybe I'll get to those later tonight.) We did have some excitement last night when the tornado sirens went off. The activity was far enough away, we piled into the car and headed to Grammy and Paw Paw's house. By the time we got there (driving slowly through the monsoon slamming sideways into the van), the warning was canceled. So we had a nice dinner and came back home for a late bedtime.

I've been thinking about some topics for posts, but haven't had the energy to write anything coherent on them. Here's a sampling:

1. My ankles have disappeared.

2. I gained five pounds in the last two weeks. That's according to my doctor's scale. I think it must be malfunctioning.

3. When Kansas Dad is reaching breaking point with First Daughter's refusal to go back to sleep at night, he gets angry. When I reach the same point, I get weepy.

4. Summer maternity wardrobes should be based on skirts. I love my skirts. They have very comfortable elastic waists (unlike my jeans, which no longer fit) and are very cool in the warm weather.

5. My new washing machine is wonderful. I find myself kneeling a lot to put clothes in and take them out (so I don't have to stoop over, which is not recommended for very pregnant women, or anyone really). Rather than pout about how we didn't spend the $200 on the pedestal, I try to remind myself to pray. After all, I'm already on my knees. There's also something very satisfying about praying for my family while I'm working to provide clean clothes for us all.

6. We have a lot of stuff. I've been starting a personal property inventory before we renew our renters' insurance (if you rent and don't have it, get it!) so we can be sure we're adequately covered. We've been clearing stuff out, so most of what's left are kid clothes and baby toys. I just can't bring myself to give them away when we might need them for baby #3. We also have a lot of books. They're everywhere! I doubt that's ever going to change, even though we're trying to be much more careful about the books we buy (previewing just about all of them at the library).

7. Being almost 8 months pregnant is tiring.

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