Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Due Date, Another Slowpoke

This is my third pregnancy and every time I've watched that due date come and go without a birth. I didn't really expect the third one to be any different, but I had hope. So life goes. Baby will come when it's time...Now I'm just hoping the "time" is before my doctor goes on vacation on Friday.


  1. Ah yes, I had lots of hope with #2 and #3, especially since #1 was only two days late, but to no avail. I actually had to schedule an induction for both of them before they decided to make an appearance. Thankfully, all on their own.
    I hope it's soon! And I hope everyone feels better!

  2. You two are making me wonder...basically all of my friends who weren't induced early went late. I wonder if there should be an adjustment in the equation?!?!

  3. Hang in there Girlie. I can only imagine that you're climbing the walls. Hoping the next couple of days bring a baby, leg recovery, and healthy kids. You know what they say about what comes to those who wait...well, it goes double for those who wait in near-misery ;-)

  4. I did not mean that "double" comment to mean two babies. Just for clarification. ;-)

  5. I think an adjustment calculation after 2 babies is warranted. It is my experience that babies tend to follow a pattern. I have had all 5 early (within the 37th - 39th week)for instance. This could make for and interesting study.

    Hope the little one comes soon :)

  6. Melissa, I'm 100% sure we're only having one, but I've had nightmares about giving birth to two kids (and then telling the doctor the second one couldn't possibly be mine!).

    My doctor says some women just need a little more time for their kids. Apparently, I'm one of them.


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