Sunday, September 7, 2008

Learning Patience at a Young Age

A wise friend once told me she would address the needs of her oldest, even while her youngest one cried, because the youngest couldn't run away.

I know just what she means.

Every time he can put together a few hours, Kansas Dad drives to the new house to remove wallpaper, prep walls for painting, paint walls, replace faucets, clean, paint trim...really, the list is extensive. For me, that means being home with the kids, often covering dinner, bath and bedtime alone. I know many women handle such situations all the time, but it's new for me, especially with a baby. We're learning together, the kids and I.

Tonight, all three of them needed diapers or bathroom assistance at exactly the same time (really quite a feat, now that I think about it). As uncomfortable as she was (and she was letting me know it), I decided to let Second Daughter wait until last because the other two, you see, are mobile, and I was just a little afraid of the potential consequences of asking them to stay still when they just might get distracted and wander energetically around the house instead.

Second Daughter survived and was even stunningly happy with the gift of a clean and dry diaper, showering me with smiles and coos.

No messy disasters and baby smiles. Life is good.

By the way, Kansas Dad is often at the new house until midnight. Every night. Such is the life of a sacrificial dad. We'll both be glad when we're able to move down there, even though there will still be lots for him to do.


  1. Good thing Kansas Dad was the Houseman and Fraternity X in his college days! I bet all that knowledge gained is coming in very handy... :-) Good luck!

  2. KM, It was hard to be at home with only one child while my husband was at work at our new homestead many nights. I can't imagine how you handle 3. My only words of advice are to "hang in there." Profound, I know, but all you can really do. You're new house will be great!

  3. I manage by knowing I can't possibly keep all three perfectly happy and content all the time. Tonight, I had to let Second Daughter cry a little (again) while I changed First Daughter's diaper. After washing my hands, I realized she was quiet and found she had fallen asleep on our bed!

    So of course I took the opportunity to pack a box!


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