Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Down with Disposables

Recently, we started the switch to cloth diapers. We've been buying different kinds to try them out on our diaper-wearing girls (and even received some homemade ones as gifts from you-guessed-who). We still have disposables, though. I like to have them on hand for Grammy so she doesn't have to fuss with the cloth ones and we usually keep them in the diaper bag since I like to keep it stocked and we don't have enough cloth to spare. In fact, we don't have enough cloth for both girls to go two whole days...yet. We'll get there, though, because Second Daughter has blown disposable diapers three times in the past five days (twice today), nearly every time she's had one on -- and they aren't even the super-cheap ones! (I apologize again to the two kind souls who were holding her for two of those not-so-fun experiences.)

So, a proper review of the fun cloth diapers we have is on the way. I'm just waiting on a few fitteds I ordered that haven't yet arrived so I can include them, but suffice it to say here, I'm losing my patience with the disposables.


  1. As you know, we did cloth from the beginning. Whenever we've used disposables, I can't imagine how anyone uses them all the time. People may think they're more work, but I'd rather do a few extra loads of laundry than be changing poopy clothes multiple times a day.

    Do you use cloth wipes too? If not, I highly recommend them. It is much easier to clean up with a cloth wipe, and very rare that I'd need more than two for even the messiest diaper change.

  2. I do use cloth wipes! Kansas Dad prefers disposables and that's what we usually carry in the diaper bag, too.

  3. I'm interested in whether you've found a diaper you really like for nighttime. I use disposables for Eliza at night, because nothing else I've tried works well.
    (And I promise to e-mail you what I have, hopefully soon!)

  4. tiffany, while I don't know you, I do love to help out with cloth diaper questions. :-) I've made most of our nighttime diapers for that very reason. However, one nighttime setup we've used with success on both little baby and big toddler is a MotherEase Sandy's diaper with a doubler inside. Those things can take it, and they're roomy enough for even a thick doubler if you need it. I also only use wool covers at night. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks, Hilary. I have a bunch of MotherEase Sandys and I really like them. My problem is not so much the need for absorbancy, but the fact that wearing the diaper all night makes her skin red. My FuzziBunz are no better. I've thought about trying different kinds of liners, but I'm not sure which kind will really help.

  6. Tiffany, I've had the same problem. First Daughter gets really dry skin and scratches at it until she draws blood. I've done some research at and am experimenting with a Knickernappies liner in addition to the Sandy's diaper and doubler. The Knickernappies liner has fleece on one side that I'm hoping will ease First Daughter's skin irritation. Plus, we've dosed her with some diaper cream as well. (I usually avoid diaper creams, but the posts seem to think it would be ok on the fleece and I wanted to try something.)

    On a side note, I'm also on the watch for some new pajamas that will prevent her from scratching with her fingernails to avoid the worst of the problem.


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