Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy Days

Today was one of those days I dreamed about when I was working full-time. The kids and I drove into the city to meet another mom and her kids at the zoo. We visited together, snacked together and had a generally great time. (I meant to take pictures and even had the camera out once, but with five kids between the two of us I found my arms full of coats, snacks or kids whenever I thought about taking a picture.)

My friend Hilary will be pleased to know I carried First Daughter (all 28 pounds of her) in the carrier she made very successfully for the long walk back to the zoo exit. She loved it! (I stopped using it with her long ago after a foot injury and just never started up again so she doesn't remember it at all.) I couldn't believe how comfortable it was.

After the zoo, the kids and I visited Grammy's house for lunch, naps, quiet time, snacks and a video before a fun trip to a superstore with her. I even snagged a great deal on some photo albums on clearance. The kids snacked (again!) on crackers for the quiet drive home and Kansas Dad got the older two to bed in record time without any major hassles. He even had time to start the grand dishwasher installation tonight before we got home, which has me understandably thrilled. (He finished installing the ceiling fan in the living room last night. Busy guy, that Kansas Dad.)

Now, a few dishes and then perhaps a peek at that DVD we got from Netflix today.


  1. Nice! Sounds like a great day. Glad to hear the carrier worked well too!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy your new dishwasher!


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