Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Bounty

Today the whole family played at a local pumpkin patch. First Son loved the super slide. First Daughter discovered the joy that is a well-balanced teeter-totter. Kansas Dad finally got to see those pumpkin cannons and guns at work. He also enjoyed helping the kids with the pumpkin sling shot. It was a wonderful memorable day for the family and Grammy! Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow.

I wanted to post tonight, though, about what is possibly the absolutely best way to prepare green beans of all time, and you only need one pan. You have to try them. The recipe is in the current issue of Cook's Illustrated (Nov/Dec). The magazine is pricey (though it might be worth it for this recipe alone), but you can probably find it at your public library. (The online and magazine subscriptions are separate, so I'm not sure if you'd find it on the website.)

Seriously, these beans are so good Kansas Dad and I haven't shared them with the kids. We just gobble them up ourselves. (In our defense, they prefer raw carrots to just about anything else; it's not like we're depriving them of all vegetables...just these.)


  1. THere are a number of green bean recipes on their website...which one should I look for?

    The magazine offers a free 14 day trial - haven't read any of the fine print, but i may give out my email address for good green beans.

    Do you think the technique would work with broccoli or brussels sprouts? Have a fridge full of both.

  2. We've tried the sauteed green beans with garlic and herbs and just used thyme from our garden. Yum! I want to try them with ginger and sesame, too.

    I don't know if it would work with broccoli or brussels sprouts, but with a fridge-full, I don't see why you should try it. I know you can stir fry broccoli. (I also really like it on pizza, but I'm a little weird that way.)


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