Thursday, October 30, 2008

Suprised Mama

Last night, I took Second Daughter to our bed to nurse her to sleep as I do every night. I should point out that of our three children, she's the only one to go to sleep at a regular bedtime in a room by herself at such a young age. First Son was at least six months old. I think First Daughter was even a little older. I usually nurse Second Daughter to sleep and then leave her on our bed. (Horrors! A baby on a big bed! But she doesn't roll yet, either way, and there are no blankets. And she's on her back. So I have the important stuff down.*)

Anyway, last night she was in no mood for sleeping. I'm guessing it was because her last nap ended only half an hour before I took her in. She finished nursing and then was just smiling up at me and wiggling a little. I enjoyed that for a while and then told her it was time to sleep and left the room. I never imagined she'd go for it.

I heard her fuss a few times but she quieted each time before I got to our room. After about an hour, I checked on her and sure enough she was fast asleep!

A wide awake baby, lying in our bed, just closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. That's a first.

If only I could say we then had a wonderful night's sleep. Unfortunately, we heard coyotes for the first time last night. Let me tell you, that's a disturbing sound. They scream, not like a howl at all, and it was close enough to human to keep me awake for at least an hour. (The noise itself lasted only a few minutes, but the just the memory of it gave me the shivers.)

* We have a crib for her, very generously on loan from my aunt and uncle. We just need to order screws for it because they all got lost in the move to our house. And then we need to buy a mattress. And empty the corner where the crib will go which is currently full of all the kids' clothes that need to be reduced, reorganized and stored properly...I'm tired just thinking about it.

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