Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung

It's hard to tell in the picture, but they were filled by good St. Nicholas. First Son was so excited on Saturday morning, he accidentally pulled all the stockings down. Luckily, his little gifts soothed his aches. For posterity's sake, we'll record that St. Nicholas left each of the older kids some chocolate coins, six little candy canes (which we now know First Daughter does not like), chopsticks (oh, the kids love eating with chopsticks!), some Jonah cards, and a flashlight. After emptying the stockings, we feasted on chocolate chip pancakes!

First Son talked about St. Nicholas the rest of the day and even decided to write him a letter. It's not clear that he realizes the difference between St. Nick and Santa Claus, but we'll work on that. I'm hoping next year to have a book to read about St. Nicholas. Anyone have suggestions? I haven't had a chance to read through the suggestions here yet. (I'm also tempted to make cookies next year. There are a number of traditional cookie recipes for the feast day.)

The kids spent Saturday night with Grammy and Paw Paw so Kansas Dad and I could enjoy a dessert reception at his university (where Second Daughter was much treasured) and an evening out on the town. (We went to one bookstore until it closed, then had dinner, then went to a second bookstore until it closed. We're real party animals.) It was wonderful! Second Daughter even sat in a high chair at the restaurant while we ate. Such a treat for Mama to have both hands free!


  1. Sounds like my kind of night out! :)

    If you choose a St. Nick book you really like, let me know. I am still on the hunt for one! We haven't celebrated the feast of Saint Nicholas before, but we've considered doing it in the future, so I'm in need of an education. ;)

  2. Im not sure I understand the difference between St. Nicholas and Santa Claus, either. But I also don't have a Ph.D. in patristics. Can you elaborate?

  3. Brandy, I'll let you know. My library doesn't have many different options so I'll have to get some through interlibrary loan which means the previews take a little longer.

    Mazzucco, St. Nicholas was a bishop and a saint (obviously), renowned for his generosity and good deeds. You may have heard the story of his providing dowries for three destitute women by dropping bags of money into their stockings. He also is credited with saving a sailor and so forth. His feast day is Dec. 6th. Santa Claus is more associated with the Christmas Eve ride around the world to deliver presents. I'm going to be doing some reading about the history of Santa Claus, but I'm pretty sure it's just an evolution of the St. Nicholas stories.

    We haven't decided how we're handling the Santa Claus issue in our house. I'm not exactly opposed to him, but I very much like the idea of celebrating St. Nicholas, so I'd like the kids to think of him in a special way. (Santa doesn't leave any presents here, but he might leave some at Grammy's house. Kansas Dad and I have yet to decide.)


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