Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Digital Age

I love my digital camera. I really do. I love taking pictures with it, finessing them on the computer (getting rid of that pesky red eye) and ordering prints online. I just slide them into albums in date order and love flipping through them. (So do the kids.)

But after a big vacation, I do not love going through all the picture one by one. I've finished one day's worth and am up to this:

First Son and First Daughter all snuggled up and ready for the long drive to my parents' house.

Only about a hundred to go.

I did skip ahead to bring you this, though:

We had a little leak which Kansas Dad thought he had clamped shut until he could repair it, but apparently some water was still escaping. It's at least six feet across and a foot tall. It's not growing anymore, but it's not clear that it's melting, either, despite at least a few hours above freezing every day.

Kansas Dad plans to splice that hose back together this week (and get our ice maker up and running again).

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  1. Now that's a holy crap moment if I ever saw one. Joys of homeownership.


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