Thursday, January 8, 2009


The dryer is running.

The dishwasher is running.

The washing machine will run as soon as the dishes are clean.

And I'm about to settle down in front of Lost from Netflix (shh...don't tell me what happens!) for the second night in a row with three loads of laundry to fold.

The kids and I are spending two days (and a night) away from home so Kansas Dad can tackle those fume-producing jobs (painting and something with the bathroom floor that involves bleach) while the weather will be warm enough (in January!) to leave doors and windows open. Who knows what wonders will await our return on Saturday night?

Those pictures are still waiting to be organized and there are thank you notes still to write, but I'm happy with my lot.


  1. Oh, yea! I'm glad you're becoming a Lost addict. Hurry up and get caught up so I can freak out with you virtually every Thursday nite (or Friday morning)...

  2. We finally got to watch Stargate Continuum last week - Chad got it for Christmas. I thought of you guys!

  3. I've been a Lost addict for a while; I just don't watch it live. I can never remember when TV shows are on and don't have that fancy DVR pause button for when the kids cry after bedtime, so I just wait for it to come out on DVD. One benefit - I can have a massive marathan and watch a whole season in a few evenings.

    Tiffay, I saw Stargate Atlantis is ending (another one I watch on DVD) and will be so sad to see the end of Stargate. Hopefully they'll make at least one more movie...Have you guys watched Battlestar Gallactica yet? It's one of the best shows on TV. (Though again...I only watch it on DVD.)

  4. Yes, we watched the Atlantis series finale last night. I liked it, but Chad thought it was a little lame as an ending. He saw some sort of trailer for something called "Stargate Universe" after the show, though! Maybe a new series? Or movie? I'm sad to think of it all ending, too.
    We watched a couple shows of Amanda Tapping's new series - Sanctuary, which I think I'd like, but it's on at a bad time. (We don't have any of those fancy recording options either.)
    We watched a little of the first season of Galactica, but it was on late, and then it got a little too confusing for me to follow, so we didn't keep up with it.

  5. I couldn't resist - I went on to find out about Stargate Universe - it is a new series they're planning to start filming soon. And it looks like they're planning to have a Stargate Atlantis movie out soon, too!

  6. We will definitely watch any new Stargate series or movie!

    Battlestar Gallactica is definiely a bit more dramatic than Stargate. I find watching off the DVD when I can use subtitles helps to make sure I don't miss anything.


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