Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yummy Baby Gruel

We started Second Daughter on some rice cereal today. She actually ate it pretty well, though not very much. Neither of the older two wanted to taste her food, but both very much enjoyed watching her eat it, especially when she would spit it out.

She seemed pleased with herself.

There's a butternut squash in our cupboard with her name all over it. I think I'll be cooking that up for her tomorrow.


  1. Oh, yeah, squash was a favorite first food around here! She is so grown-up!

  2. Squash ... yum! Rice cereal ... eh, not so much. :)

    I want to jut reach through the screen and pinch those chubby cheeks, though. So cute!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Amy. She certainly does have "jowls," doesn't she?

    Not to mention that crazy hair.


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