Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Know Your States?

Kansas Dad got 100% (after a few tries), but the best I could do was 98%. How did you do?

HT: Rocks In My Dryer


  1. Fun! I couldn't resist trying it. The kids will love it -- S and C have both been watching a "States and Capitals" DVD over and over again lately and have learning all their states and capitals.

    So I tried it out and got 94% on my first attempt (sadly putting my home state of Utah slightly out of place, since it came up near the beginning and I misjudged its spot!). :-)

  2. I had the same problem with Kansas. It really depends on the order you get the states. On my last try, I hadn't missed any and had only Alaska left...and my finger slipped on the mouse, dropping it in the ocean! Arg! (That's what I decided I needed to find something more constructive to do.)

    Let me know how your kids do with it. First Son can do a US puzzle, but it has the outlines of the states. I'm not sure how he'd do with this. Plus, his mouse skills still leave much to be desired.


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