Thursday, February 12, 2009

Checking Out Books

I've been perusing my copy of How to Get Your Child to Love Reading: For Ravenous and Reluctant Readers Alike, which I now have for my very own. Somehow, I missed the website she runs back when I first checked the book out of the library. It's called PlanetEsme and has many of the lists of books included in the real book. It also includes a blog that just might be a great way to hear about new books worth reading.

To make my paper book an even better resource for me, I'm jotting down notes (in pencil, of course) in the subject lists with others I've discovered that we particularly like, especially for books that are available at our local library. I usually only write in cookbooks, but this seemed like a good way to remember these books when I finally get around to requesting books by theme for some actual schoolwork or activities.

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