Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Creek on the Range

A few days ago we took advantage of the glorious weather to hike to our creek, a trip that will be impossible once summer is upon us without Kansas Dad's dramatic intervention in cutting a path for us. The kids were mildly impressed, but I think First Daughter was a little disappointed we didn't let her dive right in.

We were excited to find evidence of some wildlife on the range. I've requested a pile of books from the library on our new friends.


  1. AR will likely want to come fishing in your creek :) He loves to fish (even if he catches nothing), lol. I love the pics.

  2. Beautiful! Although with our experience at mom & dad's old place, you won't be celebrating that type of friend for long...unless you have an abundance of trees.

  3. Janelle, he's welcome to come fishing anytime. First Son would love to watch him!

    Melissa, luckily we do have an abundance of trees at the moment. Kansas Dad is hoping to thin them out a bit anyway, I think. Though in the long run, we'd like to be the ones to choose which trees to thin.


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