Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treats for the Eyes

Every home library should include at least one good illustrated version of the story of Noah and his ark. Imagining all those animals together is always fun for little ones.

We've been blessed in the past with this wonderful version: The Ark by Arthur Geisert. The full page black and white (off-white) etchings are full of intricate details. Brief sentences on each page carry the story along, though the pictures are usually story enough. We've loved paging through this book. I especially like the cross-section views showing all the decks of the ark and the chaos that seemed to reign.

My parents brought piles of books and one of them is another version of the story: Noah's Ark by Peter Spier. I love this book. A few words appear at the beginning, and then it's all wonderful colorful illustrations. He alternates wide expanses of water with the tiny ark adrift in the rain with small pictures of life inside the ark. First Son and First Daughter particularly enjoyed the owls sleeping juxtaposed with a dark blue picture dotted with open owl eyes. My favorite illustration shows Noah holding the green branch, embracing his wife. I can just imagine the relief and thankfulness and exhaustion they must feel, standing as they are on a littered deck. (My second favorite illustration shows a horde of bunnies bounding off the ark.)

Check these two out and let me know if you have other favorite books on the flood!

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