Friday, April 17, 2009

Dishwasher Dilemma

When there's room left in the dishwasher for just one more cup, do you run it?

Or do you pour yourself a glass of milk and drink it quickly just so you can fill the empty spot before running it?

Or do you wait until after lunch when the sink will be full of dirty dishes as the dishwasher runs? (Or do you then wash the lunch dishes by hand?)


  1. lol...I usually run it, but I have been known to drink a glass of milk real quick so that it's full. Which, is essentially the same thing--dirtying a cup for the sole purpose of cleaning it. What a hoot--I might be a tad psychotic. Thanks for pointing it out to me today. :D Good to know I'm not the *only* one with these same thoughts about the dishwasher!!

  2. I did just run it. I considered the glass of milk and decided that would just be wasting milk.

  3. I voted to run it anyway too :) lol


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